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10 Things That Require Zero Talent

Hope you had a great weekend getting some downtime in.  My niece is visiting from Philadelphia and we’re having a blast catching up.

We were talking about the much-discussed “10 Things That Require Zero Talent” that been around online, do they require talent or not?  Regardless, from a mindset perspective, I think they’re good to address:

1. Being On Time

Punctuality has become a large issue in recent years it seems. People always say they’re going to be somewhere at a certain time then show up late.  Are you late or on time?

2. Work Ethic

Some will argue work ethic and effort are the same. I completely disagree. Work ethic is your desire – effort is how hard you work.

3. Effort

Hopefully you see the difference already. Effort is how hard you work and your work ethic determines what’s important for you to put your effort into based on your core values.

4. Body Language

There are two items I believe someone could argue that require talent, body language is one. Your body language speaks volumes; it can speak languages you can’t.  If there’s ever a time the saying “fake it until you make it” applies, it’s now.

5. Energy

This is one of my three favorites, all of which happen to coincide with one another. Energy is a very underrated characteristic.  Energy is contagious and it empowers people in a positive way – be that power.

6. Attitude

My absolute favorite. I cannot tell you how much a bad attitude pisses me off.

7. Passion

Passion rounds out my favorites. There’s something about a person who has such a deep conviction in what they’re doing; it’s indescribable.

8. Being Coachable

Like most on this list, being coachable starts at an early age. Being coachable requires you to humble yourself and accept room for improvement. It’s one of the fastest ways to achieve success. You have to be open to constructive criticism.

9. Doing Extra

You must have the passion to succeed because no one gets by doing the bare minimum; it just doesn’t happen. If you have the work ethic, energy and passion then doing extra will just come along with it.

10. Being Prepared

Being prepared simply means thinking ahead. Reminds me of my days as a Boy Scout where our motto was, “Always Be Prepared.”  It’s the details in everything you do that you should account for.

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