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3 Of These Get You Lots of Listings

Crazy busy week this has been which is super fun, love being busy with new listings coming on the market.

And one of the reasons I have been so busy lately is that I was pretty good about keeping up my prospecting through the holidays (wasn’t perfect, but ok). 

And having 3 types of prospecting or revenue streams that I am doing certainly helps.

Right now I am working my SOI like a violin and calling probate attorneys and expireds.

Those are my 3 revenue streams.

What are yours?

I really think we all need to cultivate at least 3 prospecting methods and get really good at them.  So when one method isn’t yielding fruit, another most certainly will.

So, can you work 3 streams and get good at them?

How about FSBOs, expireds, your SOI, volunteering, open houses to get sellers, etc. 

In the Top Producer Collective and in the Top Producer Blueprint, we discuss strategies and techniques in all the various ways one can get listings.

As I was just telling an Epic listing agent in the “Collective” this week, no matter how busy we get in our listing business and in our lives, we HAVE to prospect every day in the three areas.

That’s our job.

That’s how we get listings.

That’s what being an Epic listing agent is all about.

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