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5 Traits To Bring Magic To Your Real Estate Team

Came across a great article from consultant Sherri Johnson about how to make your real estate teams rock.  She talks about five traits to bring “magic” to your teams:

1. Daily and Weekly Team Meetings or ‘Huddles’
Football teams, high-performing restaurants and successful real estate teams all have this in common—they huddle up and keep their teams informed and motivated to operate at their best. Review what’s happening and what’s coming up, briefly cover necessary administrative issues (but keep the overall focus on driving sales) and give them something motivating to keep them excited about your business!

2. Individual and Team Goals
Have weekly and monthly goals for both sales efforts and results. Each day and week, your team members should have goals for calls made, listing appointments booked, contracts signed, etc. so that they know what they are working for.

3. Daily Tracking and Sharing of Success
Once goals are set, track and share the results—especially the successes! Top teams use gamification and leaderboards on a daily basis to help keep everyone focused on their individual listing and sales calls, conversions, appointments and newly signed agreements (listings and sales). Big wins that are tracked and shared build confidence in your team members, reinforce confidence and healthy competition, and can also be fun! Success breeds more success, so make it contagious by sharing results among your team.

4. Lead Generation and Follow-Up System
A big strength of many successful teams is a well-run lead management system. Lead generation should be part of that, so leverage your collective spheres and attract new clients, repeat clients and referrals through coordinated team campaigns. Even more importantly, ensure that your team uses a purposeful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to not let opportunities slip through the cracks. Sticky notes aren’t enough for top-performing teams, so this is an absolute must!

5. Relentless Focus on Appointments
Top-performing teams know that results come from effort. Being knowledgeable, honest and effective are all important traits of good agents, but none of that matters if you are not meeting with clients to put them into action. Keep your team’s focus on constantly gaining new appointments with clients—the rest will likely fall into place.

These five traits will help take your team to the next level and double or even triple your sales. Implement them now to create a consistent cadence of performance, accountability and overall team success. You and your team members will be glad you did!

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