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A Cheap and Easy Way To Get Listings

I just recently interviewed a super cool Unleashed listing agent during a Collective call who is making over $1 million dollars in gross commission income a year and she credits her team with doing one thing that many of us forget to do to get listings.

It’s so simple and it costs NOTHING, which is my favorite concept.

Calling around listings and sales.

Especially now during this time of social distancing, calling around your listings and sales is key to get new listings.

Can you think of another way to get listings which is so easy to do and free?

If you can, please tell me here.

I myself forget to do this sometimes. 

And I can hear some of you now saying, “But Chris, what if I don’t have any listings and sales to call around?”

Then call around someone else’s listings and sales.

We all know other listing agents in our office who have listings and sales and I have never had one agent tell me I could not call around their listings.

And if you want to hear what I say on these calls, hit me up here and I will tell you what I say that is super easy, quick and non-douchey.

So put on your “don’t mess with me” boots and make it a habit to call around this great opportunity.

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