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A Perfect Example On How To LOSE A Listing

Had a crazy day yesterday dealing with some BS with our condo in Panama.  It’s a long story but it really underscored for me the importance of staying focused on our business.

I was so distracted that I lost a large listing because I was jacking around some silly contractors in Panama.

I love the saying, “A lion doesn’t turn around when a small dog barks.”


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Now, mind you, the seller was a jerk and I wasn’t all that excited about working with this bozo.  But it would have been cool to have converted him to a wonderful seller.

But I totally was distracted and dropped the ball on something I was supposed do…..BAD Chris.

We have to remember, myself included, that our ONLY business is staying focused on our dreams and goals.

Not feeling your goals? 

Change them.  Remember why you created them in the first place.

Staying focused on what we KNOW we have to do every day to get listings is our only job.

How?  Avoid distractions.  Do your hardest work first thing in the morning. 

And hopefully, that hardest thing is your prospecting for new listings.

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