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A Sure Fire Way To Get Listings

How was your weekend?  I hurt my shoulder so I couldn’t work out which is killing me.  Take my advice, don’t get old.  🙂

Do you want a listing right away?

Call expired listings.

I started my real estate biz over 27 years ago in San Francisco by calling expireds every day for the first 10 years.

I closed my first expired listing within about 45 days after I started calling them which was cool.

I know, you’re probably saying, “but Chris, I hate calling them.”

I get that.

But I guarantee after you can get over your fear of calling them, it gets easier.  I found after calling 3-5 of them, your fear evaporates.

If you wanna know what I said to them, which makes it easy, hit me up at here.

Listen, why would you not call them?  You have a ready pool of sellers that have selling on the brain.

And what’s the worst that will happen? They hang up on you?  Call you names?

Trust me.  If you call 100 of them, 94 of them will be indifferent and say no thanks.  3 of them will tell you to go to hell.  And 3 of them will ask to meet with you.

It’s cheap.  It’s practical.  It works.  It works now.  

And we’re going to see a lot more of them in this economy.

You’re a salesperson.  This is what salespeople do.

So get over your fears and get a listing now.

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