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Accumulate These To Get More Listings

Just got off the phone with a dear friend in New York who just told me something that was music to any Unleashed listing agent’s ears.

She said she loved my testimonials that we have online and referred a friend to me who is selling their home in San Francisco.

This friend, who is living in on the East Coast, is tired of managing the property and wants to be done with it.

My friend and the seller were so impressed with our testimonials, that the seller is going to list her property with us.  You can see our testimonials here.

I love hearing that!

Do NOT underestimate the power of testimonials!

I ask every client to give me a testimonial after each deal closes, whether buyer or seller.

Even if your client was unhappy with something in the closing or selling of their place, they will almost certainly give you a glowing recommendation about something.

And here is the key.  Use testimonials everywhere.

I put them on my website, my CMA cover letter, on Yelp, our pre-listing package,  on postcards, client mailings, etc. 

The more you can use them they better.  Sellers like nothing more than “social proof”.  Hearing about somebody else’s experience means more to sellers than anything.

So, if you’re not doing it, start collecting your testimonials from your past clients and get them on your marketing materials right away.

You won’t regret it.

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