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Act Like A Cattle Rustler To Get Listings

So happy to be back in my happy place, Panama!  Just got back in the pool today, which is open in my building, first time swimming in a year and a half, feels great!

Another thing that feels great is I’ve been changing strategies in prospecting for probates and probate attorneys, which you could use when prospecting ANY group of potential leads.

Zero down on a few leads and work them like a two-bit cattle rustler, LOL!

Now you may not know this about cattle rustling in the Old West, but the key was to scare the hell out of the whole herd and then concentrate on the few you can grab or steal.

So aren’t you just like a cattle-stealing cowboy?

Scare the hell out of them, or better yet, attack them all when you’re prospecting and then go for the few that you can grab.

In other words, if you call 50 probate attorneys (or expireds, FSBOs, SOI, etc.), probably 5-10 of them will actually talk to you on the phone, will engage with you and will hopefully give you referrals.

So I decided to really zero down on the ones that are engaging with me.

This means sending them hand notes, taking them to lunch, calling them, emailing them and buying their wives fur coats.

Ok, maybe not fur coats (how politically incorrect) but you get the drift.

So, whoever you are calling, drill down on the ones who are engaging with you and go all out cowboy on them.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get a prime cut of meat out of it?  🙂

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