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An Amazing Free Way to Sell Your Listings

Hope you had a relaxing or productive weekend.  I am just getting over a cold, so laid low and had a super chill weekend.

And one super chill way to sell your listings is to get one source to help you for FREE.

The media.

I just sold a house which had an interesting story.  The house was owned by hoarders and developer came in and renovated it into a gorgeous view home.

The media loved that.

So, as a regular course of listing your properties for sale, make sure you are always, and I mean always,  pitching your listings to your local and national media outlets.

Sure, they won’t pick it up all the time, but when they do, it can bring you some amazing exposure for your listing.

Just remember to make your listing interesting.  And there is nothing better than having a story about it.

The media love stories.

Can you make a story about your listings, something interesting about the owners, who lived in it, the background of the house, where it’s located, something unusual about it. 

That’s what they love.

I once had a house that was a pit and some developers came in and turned it into an amazing showplace 5 times the size….and that alone meant nothing to the newspaper.  They wanted more of a story other than a developer came in and transformed a house.

The more personal, the more warm, the more unusual the story is, the better the chance your listing will get picked up by the media.

Sure you can pay to get your listing in the press.

But who doesn’t love free publicity for their listings (and you)?

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