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An Old African Proverb Will Help You Get More Listings

Hope you had a great week!  I’m getting ready to head back to San Francisco on Sunday for non-stop client meetings for 9 days.  Looking forward to seeing them all!

One of my favorite proverbs I have mentioned here before is a great African proverb, “When the roots are deepthere is no reason to fear the wind” which I have always loved.  To me, it means always try to find the things that ground you and to develop those strong beliefs so no matter how crazy the winds of life blows at you, you will stand tall, firmly planted and not easily uprooted.

You’re probably thinking, “what in the hell does this have to do with being an Agent Unleashed”?

A lot.

You see, there is no doubt the market is changing across the country and will continue to change.  Most of my coaching clients are talking to me about how with inflation, supply chain issues, war and crazy-ass U.S. politics, listings are taking longer to sell and there are fewer buyers.

For me, this means two things.  First and foremost, we should take this time to really analyze our business.  What methods are working for us?  What things can we change to make our business better?  What prospecting methods need to change now?  Is there deadwood or unproductive activities that need to go?

Secondly, we need to analyze ourselves internally.  Why are we listing agents? What is it doing for us?  What are our core beliefs?  What areas of our life need work?  

To me, this is the perfect time in our lives, NOW, during this period of flux and uncertainty, to really take the time to re-examine who we are, what we should be doing and how does that translate to being an Agent Unleashed?

Reflect, meditate, journal, pray, spend time talking to your mentors, coaches and family/friends.

Let’s turn this time in your life, a time in flux, into an awakening so that you and your Unleashed listing business come out the other side with roots so deep, nothing can stop you.

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