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An SUPER Easy Way Develop Content For Your SOI

Hope you are having a powerful week!  I have been laser-focused this week on so many fronts.  Some weeks I am all over the place, but this week I am on fire. 

And one discovery I made is going to answer all the questions we have about one thing we all struggle with.

What information do we send to clients to stay in touch?

Staying engaged with our SOI is SO key as we always talk about.  And one of the biggest gripes I always hear from Agents Unleashed is what do you send to them?

Well, I have the answer.  It’s called FEEDLY.


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Feedly is a news aggregator application for various web browsers.  It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.

You can search by any subject about real estate.  One search was from the New York Times about big views in remote places.  Another search was about Seattle rent prices.

So instead of creating original content to send to your SOI, think of yourself as a curator for your  SOI, giving them information someone else has already written.

Of course, you want to attribute the author of the piece to them in your email or newsletter.

But this is a great way to use FEEDLY to provide you with articles that might be interesting to your SOI without having to create something original.

Use these in your emails or newsletters or postcards, however you stay in touch with your SOI.

So remember to stay in touch with your SOI constantly, using various ways, including calls and written communications and consider using FEEDLY as your source for content.

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