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Another Brain Hack to Get You More Listings

I had a great conversation this week with my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Sharon in Las Vegas, who is one of the most generous authentic beings I know.

And we started talking about how some people achieve various levels of success and then do one thing that keeps them from hitting their goals and dreams.


I have seen many Epic listing agents reach dizzying levels of success, get many listings and then do stupid things to sabotage themselves. 

I myself have caught myself doing silly things when I have a success.

And you have probably heard of many entrepreneurs starting businesses and making millions of dollars only to go bankrupt and then start another company.

I would bet that in these situations, these people are in some way shape or form sabotaging their own success.

What’s the answer?

One thing is to acknowledge and be conscious of the fact that you are worthy of success.  Make this a mantra for yourself in your thoughts, journaling and meditations.

Also, determine if you are AFRAID of success.  Fear of success can also cause you to consciously or unconsciously sabotage yourself.

One thing to do to help with this might be for you to make sure you celebrate ALL wins you have no matter how small.

Being conscious of all this though is really the first step in making this problem, if you have this as a problem, go away.

So remember you are worthy.

You are not afraid of success.

And you are the Epic listing agent you deserve to be.

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