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Another Cheap and Easy Way To Get Listings

I had a wonderful week getting back into the swing of things after taking some time off last week.  I am one of the sick ones that think that getting listings ready for sale is fun.  We’re bringing on some cool properties in the next month which is cool.

And what else is a lot of fun is finding cheap and easy ways to get new listings.  And one of my favorite ways is super simple, super easy and super cheap.

Contacting out of area owners.

I love reaching out to these bad boys because these owners frequently don’t know what to do with their properties.

Mostly, they are happy with the rents they’re getting and just want to keep their properties.

But occasionally, you find some owners that are very unhappy owning the property and don’t know what to do with their place.

They mostly want to know what the value is and what are the tax consequences of selling.

Of course, you can help with the former and should know some basic tax rules for selling (while ALWAYS advising them to seek a tax professional at the same time).

It’s really a matter of timing, like it always is, to see if they want to sell.  

So find the out of area owners in the neighborhood(s) you want to work and start a campaign to mail them consistently or better yet, call them.  Most geo-search software can get you those phone numbers.

This could be a treasure trove of new listings for you!

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