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Another Critical Brain Hack to Get You Listings

Gosh darn it, I love Panama City Panama (whoever says gosh darn it?)!  So many friendly people and so helpful.  We are excited about renovating our condo here we just purchased.

And also super excited about the NEW Agent Unleashed Collective!  It’s starting shortly this month with new changes and I can’t wait to reconnect with the amazing men and women in the Collective.

This group really underscores the need for a supercritical brain hack we all HAVE to have in our lives to become an Unleashed listing agent.


We all need supportive people in our lives to succeed.

The people we surround ourselves with is going to determine how successful we will be in any endeavor.

And guess what?  Surprise surprise, being the best listing agent you can be means you need to be in the company of super hot listing agents, like those in the Collective.

And if you don’t want to join us in the Collective, do it yourself.

Find other listing agents in your marketplace, or better yet, in other marketplaces around the country and mastermind with them.

Pick their brains.  Find out what they are doing for marketing.  For their prospecting.  How are they connecting with their peeps and getting referrals and listing leads?

It’s only by hanging out with better listing agents than yourself, just like learning anything in life, you will become the best you can be.

I have been doing this all my life.  Finding others better than myself.

So, find others who can help you succeed and become better.

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