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Another FREE Way To Get Listings

I hope you had a great weekend!  I spent a lot of time with friends, taking long walks and just chilling after a crazy busy week.  It was nice to have some downtime.

And then I had a brilliant idea (in my mind, all my ideas are brilliant, ha!) on how to use LinkedIn (LI) for free listings.

For starters, you should have a robust profile on LI.  That means completing all the sections in the profile section.

Then identify groups of people in your marketplace that you want to do business with.  Maybe large corporations in your city, or certain types of people like high tech employees that might be moving people in and out of your city.  Use your imagination.

And then start dialogs with those people.  Ask them to connect with you.  Endorse them for skills.  Be genuine and honest and caring about what they do. 

And ask them for referrals.

Add people to your CRM if they are talking to you. 

Having genuine conversations with people in your area, really care about them.

I like that LI is more business-oriented and the connections you make are more of a business nature.  So what better place to connect with cool people than on this platform?

And a lot of the original invites to connect and thank you’s for connecting can be done by your staff.  This saves you time, and lets you spend time having cool conversations with them and ask them for referrals.

We’ll be talking about how to develop an LI strategy of your own in detail in the Collective.

So use this FREE LI platform to get more listings for FREE!

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