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Another Ingenious Way to Get Sweet Listings

Had a great conversation last week with Katie, an on-fire listing agent in the Top Producer Collective, about a great way she uses to increase her SOI and meet more raving fans.

I have never thought of this and it’s the beauty of our “Collective”, masterminding with top listing agents around the country and seeing how they market.

Katie goes to friend’s offices and hangs out.

Simple as that.


Make sure you send your Ventura County (just north of Los Angles) referrals to Katie Yazdanyar right here!


What makes this unique is that Katie is leveraging her existing connections with friends and colleagues to get invited to their offices.

She goes with coffee and pastries and hangs out for about an hour with her peeps and meets everyone in the office and introduces herself with her card and, I am sure, her bright personality.

I really like this because it is near and dear to my own M-O which is doing something to establish connections, get referrals and doing it inexpensively.

Now, this is thinking outside the box!

So who do you know who could invite you to their office with the sweet temptation of coffee and pastries?

Get that invite.

Throw around some coffee and sweets.

And throw around your charming self for some sweet referrals.

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