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Are The Days of Massive Cold-Calls Dead?

Was just interviewed by Mike Cuevas, on The Chicago Real Estate Dude Podcast, and had a blast talking about the number one reason listing agents are not more successful. 

Guess what that reason was.

Consistently not hitting up your SOI.

Mike was discussing how the old-school way of marketing is dead.  Making 100’s of cold calls is  NOT as efficient as belly-to-belly marketing or relationship marketing.

Do you want higher-end listings?  Do you want more listings?  Do you want better listings?

Then consistently work your SOI and get into people’s faces.  Meet them.  Greet them.  Lunch with them.  Have coffee with them. 

Building solid relationships with your peeps is the sure-fire way to get bomb-ass listings.

I spend the majority of my prospecting time each day calling my SOI.  And then I spend whatever downtime I have during the day going to meet my SOI.

Just last night, I was on my way to a friend’s place for dinner and was passing by the Mercedes Benz dealership where one of my acquaintances works as a car salesman.  Bill has given me so many referrals over the years for which I am truly grateful.

So I, impromptu, just pulled in, asked for him and we talked in person for about 10 min, had a blast and then I jetted.

How often are you going out of your way to meet and greet your SOI? 

Do you want to know what to say or how to dramatically increase your SOI?  Hit me up here.

Working your SOI consistently is THE key to an amazing listing business.

I speak the truth.

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