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Are You A Banshee For Listings?

Do you believe it’s the end of February?  I started working on getting my info to my tax attorney, which I HATE doing.  I swear taxes are the bane of my existence.  Sound familiar to you?

And since this year is going fast, it’s important to remember to have one strategy in play to get a lot of listings this year.

Have at least 3 listing streams.

You see, in our coaching/mastermind group, the Collective, I don’t tell people which prospecting methods to use.  I really believe we should all employ whichever methods work for us and whichever methods we enjoy doing.

But we should definitely have at least 3 things we are doing to get listings.

Don’t just work your SOI or sphere of influence. Or just do open houses.  Or just call expired listings.  Work at least 3 types of prospecting.

This will supercharge your listing stream and in the event, one method isn’t working well, you have other methods making it all happen.

I personally work my SOI like a banshee (what in the hell is a banshee anyways?), call expired listings and work with probate attorneys.

I do other things as well, but those are the three primary ways I am getting listings. 

If you want to know how to develop another listing method, hit me up here and let’s talk!

And I love that members in the Collective are working more than one method to get listings.

So really take a look at how you’re getting listings and step up your game and take on another listing pipeline ASAP. 

Because the year is going fast!

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