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Are You Acting Like a General to Get Listings?

Had a crazy day yesterday hosting a hot listing broker’s tour for one of my listings.  Had about 60 agents through a starter home in San Francisco.  It was nuts!

And you know what else is nuts?

Not cultivating your army of supporters for referrals.

I have a hardcore group of past clients, friends, acquaintances, etc that have given me referrals in the past and always seem to be on the lookout for me for listings.

You probably have these people in your life as well.

You know the ones, they are very supportive of you, have given you referrals, they like you (which is key) and want to see you succeed.

These are your peeps that you really need to cultivate, need to shower with attention and affection. 

I have told many of you that I call my SOI 3-4 times a year.  But my referral group of mine I touch once a month.  It can be calls, emails, hand notes, drinks, dinner, lunch, coffee, seeing them in the grocery store, etc.

They really know how much I value them because I lavish so much attention on them.

And no, I am not asking them for referrals all the time.  But they know that is what I want. 

So develop your own army of referral agents in your community.  Spend time with them.  Communicate often with them. 

Be their general.

They love the attention.

And you’ll love the referrals.

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