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Are You Always Doing This To Get New Listings?

Had a great funny social Zoom call with a past client who is now a great friend and after a 20 min call, I told them about the San Francisco market and used my favorite line to ask for referrals. 

“Our market is so crazy right now because we need more motivated sellers, do you know anyone?”

And lo and behold, they referred me to a friend of their’s thinking about selling.  This was just a social call with our partners getting goofy and having fun. 

Are you putting yourself out there?

One of the things I love recovering from is the shock when random strangers give me referrals to listings.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked.  Because I am always asking for referrals.


Especially with clients I am working with right now.

I got a listing lead about 3 months ago from meeting with a buyer on our very first meeting.  I don’t really work with that many buyers (my partner does), but like to be involved with the initial meeting.   I love meeting new people.

So I asked this new buyer in our first meeting if they knew of anyone thinking of selling.  I usually use the line, “Our market is crazy right now for buyers because we need more listings.  Who do you know that might be thinking of selling?”.  You can change it up to fit your circumstances. 

But I am always asking new buyers, new sellers, my SOI, etc.  Try to work it in the conversation in a natural way and you will be surprised many times just like I continue to be.

So the takeaway here is to get in the habit of always asking everyone for referrals to listings. 

Don’t be shy about it.

Develop the habit so often it becomes a part of you.

Always be asking.

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