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Are You Doing The Right Things To Get Listings?

You do know that my nickname is Mr. Graceful right?  I went on my 5 mile walk yesterday morning (can’t wait to get back to Panama next month to start swimming again since my San Francisco pool is still closed) and twisted my foot and now it’s hurting like a hell!  I have to be the klutziest thing walking on the planet.

So reflecting a lot this weekend about what I need to do now before the end of 2021’s first half, June 30th,  to achieve my goals this year and one thing comes to mind, other than watching where I walk.

This is the perfect time to adjust your goals/actions to make your 2021’s second half a kickass period.

I set pretty aggressive goals each year and, as I always say, we need to be constantly reviewing our business plan throughout the year to tweak it and our actions.

So review your goals now. 

What do you want to accomplish before year-end?

Has your year gone better than expected?  Are you down from where you should be?

What can you do right now, in the next eight weeks to hit your target?

Should you change your target?  Change your actions?

This is the thought process I am going through right now. 

This is the time, right now, that we should go balls-out to make stuff happen. And to be realistic as well.

So really give your business a hard look-see, be honest, be realistic and for God’s sake, don’t let up.

But take this time now to figure out how and what you need to do to be your best Agent Unleashed!

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