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Are You Getting Listings From Your Open Houses?

I did an open house last weekend which was unusual for me.  I had to do it last minute because my open house person bailed on me.

For those of you who know me, you won’t be surprised to know that I can’t stand doing open houses.  I just really don’t like doing them.

I know, you probably are very good at doing them.  And by all means, keep doing them.  It’s a great way to get buyers if you’re into working with them.

And it’s also a great way to get sellers.

So when I do an open house, I concentrate more on the neighbors coming in than the buyers. 

I know that sounds a little messed up, but, hey, I’m a listing guy.

And two sellers/neighbors came into the open house with a mild interest in selling.  They probably won’t do anything for a couple of years, they said.

And did my ears perk up?  Hell to the yes!

I was able to get their contact info and will be sending them a down and dirty CMA on their homes and will put them in my CRM. 

What the hell (I love the quote from Marilyn Monroe who once  said, “Did you ever notice that ‘What the hell’ is usually the right answer?), I know they aren’t doing anything now, but I will stay in touch with them and, who knows, these could be listings in my distant pipeline?

So make sure that you also hit up sellers when you’re doing open houses.  Most agents blow off neighbors in open houses as useless. 

If you’re doing opens, they could be a good source of listings as well.

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