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Are You Into Cheap and Easy?

Having a great time in Connecticut with my crazy mastermind group learning how super successful entrepreneurs make great things happen.  It’s truly great to be friends with peeps doing a lot better than you.  It’s humbling and educational!

What’s also humbling and educational is to get listing referrals from friends and acquaintances in one area of your town that goes largely untapped.

The media.

Once again, my two favorite words are involved:  cheap and easy.

Cozy up to your local reporters on your news stations or newspapers by sending them interesting real estate items on a consistent basis.

First, you have to identify who is covering real estate in your town.   Maybe you have someone specifically dedicated to the subject.  Maybe it’s someone who is more “special interest”.  But it shouldn’t be too difficult to find that person(s).

Then send them reports on your market.  Or unique listings.   Or peculiar trends happening.  Or reports you hear about, such as who is moving into your town or out of your town.

Anything that a reader may find interesting could be worth it to them.

I have done this with my San Francisco Chronicle and the SF Business Times.

As a matter of fact, I take one of the business writers from the SF Business Times out to lunch periodically to further cement our relationship. 

And he got me into the publication where they did an expose on me in the paper which was super cool.

So seek out your real estate reporters and writers for your town and start an information campaign to them.  Just remember consistency is the key.  Send them info, call them, invite them to lunch, email them.  Be quoted on the market.

In other words, be their best friend.

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