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Are You Missing Out On These Listings?

What a bummer, just found out I lost a listing to a new agent in the biz and I have no idea why.  Do I have such an inflated ego to think that I’m better than a new agent?  (don’t answer that, it was rhetorical), LOL!

As Unleashed listing agents in this crazy business we call real estate, there is one thing we all HAVE to do to get new business. Something so fundamental and yet, so many “Unleashed” listing agents do not do.

You are ready?  Drumroll please……….calling your past clients.

I know I have talked ad nauseam before about this.  But it blows my mind every time when I hear someone not doing it.

I was talking to a powerful listing agent in Santa Fe New Mexico yesterday about her prospecting methods and you wouldn’t believe all she does. She door knocks like a champ.  She is very successful in her community, on boards and doing volunteer work from which she gets many leads.  She is doing Facebook advertising with some success.

But she is afraid to call her past clients. 


I mean, it seems like 80% of the listing agents out there find it terribly intimidating to knock on doors.  And she’s afraid to call people that love her?

Please explain that one to me.

I talked before about putting your tasks into bite-size pieces.  Use that with your past clients as well.

If you are not calling them in your business religiously, every day, you are missing out on so much business.

The majority of my business comes from calling my past clients every morning.  Even if you only get 5 deals a year from your past clients, that could have a significant impact on your gross commission income.

If you wanna know what I say to my past clients that is not douchey or sales-y, hit me up.

So buck up, put your big girl boots on and figure out how to get your happy butt on the phone every morning and call those bad boys!

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