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Be A “Star” To Get Listings!

Did you have a great weekend?  I worked out a lot swimming and doing yoga and worked a little, it was a very nice relaxing break.

As an Unleashed listing agent we should all be doing is one thing to get listings.


If you have not hopped on the video bandwagon, then it is time to buck up and take the leap.  Video has increased in popularity among listing agents, and for good reason.

Did you now that real estate agents that utilize video marketing receive 403% more inquiries than those without video?

And if you are new to doing videos, it can scare the hell out of you to do them. So here are some ideas to get you started:

Start Small:  You don’t have to spend millions and hire tons of people to get started.  Start off by doing a live Facebook video, keep it to 2 minutes and download it to your desktop.  The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be doing them.  And from your desktop, you can upload it to all the social media platforms very easily.

Plan ahead: Video marketing is not just an off-the-cuff strategy to throw together and implement quickly.  Really decide how often you’ll do them, what your topics will be, how long they’ll be, where you’ll post them, etc.

Make your videos human:  Buying (or selling) a home is such a personal experience. Not only is the process financially significant, but it is also emotionally involved. And guess what? People often act with their emotions. People also relate to other people, not properties. This is why you need to get into the habit of storytelling.

Sell the lifestyle and location, in addition to the property:   When doing a video for yourself or your listing, sell the lifestyle, not just the mechanics of how you work or the property.  Sell how they will feel working with you or how they will feel living in your listing.

Build trust with testimonials:  Reach out to these individuals to see if they’d be willing to film a quick video testimonial describing their positive experience. Getting this type of endorsement from a real person will help new leads see that you are great to work with.

Keep them short:  The average video only retains 37% of views through the last second. As videos start to turn into movies, viewers are going to lose interest and move on. Your story is also likely to be more compelling if you only include the really engaging stuff.

So make sure you start your video marketing immediately if you’re not already doing it.  

Make yourself the “star” of your own business!

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