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Become A Movie Star To Get Listings

I had a funny Zoom call yesterday with a good friend on the East coast who was laughing about what a goofy-ass person I am.  She told me I should be in movies as a comedian.

And I told her I am.

Well, if a silly ass YouTube channel is the “movies”.

But why can’t you become a movie star (in your own mind) with your own YouTube channel and use it to get listings?

Think about it.  You can use your cell phone nowadays to record your videos.  It costs nothing for you to start your own channel on YouTube.  And you can kick out short, 1 to 3-minute videos in no time at all.

What to record?  How about a new listing?  Or new listings you see on broker’s tour? Or your take on the market? 

I have seen some pretty goofy videos from realtors all over the country.  One guy I know (you know who you are) is one of the funniest dudes I know in LA who creates funny stories about his listings.  They’re hysterical!

There are tons of topics and houses you could record and post on your channel.

And then share those videos and your channel on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

I use my channel to start conversations with all types of people that can lead to new biz.

And this approach really cements in everyone’s mind that you are in real estate and gives you that authority as well.

And besides, it’s fun to get goofy on the recordings and show your true personality on screen, people love that authenticity.

So break out your inner badass movie star persona, turn on your video and get some crazy going!

No autographs, please.

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