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Being Simple Is The Best Way To Get Listings

How was your week?  I was busier than a one-armed paper hanger!  We can now start showing properties again in San Francisco and the market is getting crazy again.

And with all this time in lockdown, I decided to use this time to audit my biz for BS that isn’t serving my mission.

This is a great time to keep your biz simple.  Many of us, myself included, are always being tantalized by the next new shiny object.

How many times do we get distracted by all the benefits of a new CRM? 

Or get excited about doing mailings to certain people that are not your focus?

Or think to yourself that maybe that company that does SEO marketing for $2,000 a month is going to work.

Or taking on more staff or assistants or buyer’s agents that won’t be that hard to manage?

All these things can distract you, suck your wallet dry or give you false hope. 

Generally, we all KNOW what we need to do. 

We need to prospect and find new people to work with us Agents Unleashed.

Simple as that.

Really audit your business to see if you’re doing things that aren’t productive, going off on tangents and using systems that are frustrating you.

Simple is best in this biz.  Do what works for you, do more of it and stay focused.

Hit me up this week if want to talk more about your biz and what you can eliminate or streamline.   You can reach me right here.

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