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Bet You Don’t Do This To Get Listings

Back in San Francisco after a fun trip to see the parents and back in 100% work mode.  Going to get a new listing this week, I can just feel it!

And one way to get listings that I never thought about is to pass out cards to the Universe.

You’re thinking, WTF is Chris talking about!? 

I talked to a listing agent that is rocking it on the East Coast and he leaves cards everywhere he goes.  Like, I mean everywhere.

He leaves them on top of gas station pumps, inside books in a bookstore, at dry cleaners, restaurants, bars, on shelves at grocery stores, you get the idea.

In his words, cards are cheap advertising and in 6 months of doing this, he has received 3 listing appointments.

Now, I have to admit, this is a unique thing to do.

According to him, doing this is a message to the Universe that he wants and will receive listing leads.

I am not one to dampen anyone’s spirit, especially in finding unique ways to get listings, but you have to admit this way of getting listings is pretty unique.

But what the hell, why not!  I mean business cards don’t cost that much and it seems like one goes to all these places anyway, so why not get in the habit of dropping your card as you go about your day?

It’s inexpensive, doesn’t take much effort and it could be fun to do so. 

And why not take it a step further and give your cards to your partner/spouse and kids as well and have them “spread” your good name around?

Always love new ways to get listings! 

What do you do that is a unique way to get listings?

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