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Black Friday Can Get You Listings If You Do This One Thing

Today is the day that my sister loves…Black Friday.  Why anyone would fight all those crowds today is beyond me.  I guess I never got the shopping gene.

One thing you can do which is the exact opposite of Black Friday would be super important in preparation for your 2020 planning.


I know, it sounds so damn trite and I sometimes hate to use that phrase, “soul-searching”. 

The point is, really take some time for yourself this weekend.

And most importantly, think about what you want in 2020 for your “Unleashed” business.

This is especially important right now on this weekend of Thanksgiving.

Be super grateful for all the positive things you have in your life, even if everything seems to be turning to shit around you.

And out of gratitude on this weekend of “thanks”, pray, meditate, journal, reflect…whatever your style is, on the things you want to manifest in 2020. 

What’s important to you?  What’s important to others you can do?  What about your health?  Your relationships?  Your family?  Your finances?

The outcome of this exercise should be central to your 2020 business plan.

So do it.  Take the time this weekend.  Even if it’s only 5 minutes in your car before you go in and fight with the hundreds of other shoppers.

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