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Boy, Losing This Listing Really Bummed Me Out

I lost a listing last week that I worked on for 2 months and was totally bummed.

We have all setbacks and problems with our listing business and the key is to learn how to deal with these potholes as they come up.

The key to being an Agent Unleashed is how you handle them.

One thing that I am constantly reminding myself though is that it’s all about the journey to our end goal which means a couple of things to me:

  • Letdowns are going to happen.  Deal with it and don’t take your eye off the goal.
  • You can be on the pity pot for about 20 minutes, then get over it.
  • Use your failures to work your goals with even more intensity.
  • Enjoy the journey!  It’s not really about the end goal, enjoy every step along the way.

That last point also means to do things on the journey that you love doing.  Work your marketing plan for new listings with techniques you LIKE doing.  Life’s too short to mess your journey up with BS you don’t like doing!

So find a way to get over your hiccups in the road on your way to becoming an Agent Unleashed.

I meditate and walk and swim to get it out of my system.  Then I feel super energized to get on with my next deal and make my goals happen.

How do you handle setbacks?  Hit me up here and let me know.  

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