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Brain Hack #46: Stay Sane and Get More Listings

Been a busy week so far marketing our listings and bringing new listings on the market.  And happy to report that I have been eating super clean these last couple of weeks and working out like a fool.  Damn, it’s hard sometimes to get those potato chips out of my head!

One way to get a lot done in your Unleashed listing business AND in your personal life is one brain hack I love to talk about and to utilize.

Keeping things as simple as hell.  Or KISS (keep it simple sexy).

I really try not to complicate my life with things I don’t want to do.  So many of us fall prey to thinking that we have to be everything to all people.  I say screw that.  Life is too short.

And in our listing business, it’s the same thing.  Keep it simple.

I talk to listing agents around the country and they are always trying to find the next big thing to do to get listings.

They are looking for the next shiny object.

I met with a super-smart listing agent a few days ago and he is all over the board with his marketing for new listings.

He does not do one single marketing method successfully. NOT ONE.  He doesn’t do anything consistently and still expects to get results.

And then we’re talking and he said, “Well, what do you think of this new strategy I heard about to get listings?”

After hearing the strategy, I told him NO! 

I told him his goal has to be to pick one method and do it consistently for one month.  Start with calling your SOI I told him.  We agreed he will call 5 people in his SOI EVERY DAY for a month.  That’s it.

No other shiny objects.

Just concentrate on that and then we can add other methods later. 

So when you’re working on your second half 2020 business plan, be conscious of what you’re doing well and what’s not working.

Keep your business simple.

Keep it tight.

Be good at one thing in 2020 before you start considering other marketing.

Do this, and one thing will happen to you in by year-end.

You will be more productive, get more listings and be saner.

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