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Brain Hack #47: Do This By New Years For New Listings

We are entertaining my partner’s parents here at our condo in Panama for the holiday.  They are going to be here for 2 weeks.  God help me!

One Brazilian tradition (Brazilians are very superstitious) is to do something every New Years which can help all of us Agents Unleashed.

Organize your space.

I know it sounds simple and silly, but all of us can waste A LOT of time and energy trying to find things if you’re in a messy environment and more importantly, spending depressing time thinking about how messy your environment is.

That is called wasting physic energy.

And the Brazilians believe however your space is now is how it’s going to be in the New Year.

So they make sure their homes and offices are clean and organized, because that is what’s in store for them in 2020.  Clean and organized spaces.

I have seen how other agents keep their offices and cars and sometimes it really surprises me how they get anything done.

So the takeaway here is that this is the best time of year to get your act together.

Use this year-end time to clean up.  Organize, develop new habits, new systems to keep your space organized.

And if you can’t do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you.  There are tons of organizers you can Google to come over and help you get your shit together.

This brain hack can save you time, energy and who knows? 

Maybe there is a listing lead in all that mess you have on your desk that you can get on the market and start your 2020 off right!

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