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Brain Hack #61: How Are You Using Inspiration To Get Listings?

I really have to see my Mom and Dad.  Today is my Dad’s 87th birthday and I have haven’t see them in Detroit for over 9 months since this Covid stuff.  So we are leaving tomorrow.  I used to go there every 3 months and not crazy about getting on a plane now during these times but they are such an inspiration to me.

And there is a great way to use inspiration you get from others to find listings and really step up your game.

You see, we all get inspired by different things.  Maybe an auto ad inspires you to want a new Audi?

Or a picture of Paris inspires you to plan a trip?

Or an article about the lack of water in Africa inspires you to think how you can help them?

Or a listing agent gets a high end listing from knocking on doors?

It’s what you DO with this inspirations that counts. 

Sure seeing these things can get you excited and motivated in the short term.  But that doesn’t last.

What is the most important brain hack is how you use this inspiration and turn it into your work that counts. 

Find inspiration in other things that seem brilliant to you and then apply that strategy to your own goals and work.  Like seeing or learning a new Facebook ad strategy and then using that in your own marketing. 

The application of ideas will always be more powerful than the ideas themselves.

Too often we spend our lives consuming the world around us instead of creating it. Sure, there is some motivation in other people’s ideas, but don’t forget about the power your actions have to inspire you.

The best inspiration comes from the application of ideas, not the consumption of them.

So get inspired!  Get motivated by the things you see!  And then apply that to your own listing goals (or any other goals) and become an Agent Unleashed!

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