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Brain Hack #81: Focus On This To Get Listings

What a crazy year this has been so far for all of us listing agents here in the U.S.  Between Covid, lack of listings, crazy politics and seller’s insecurities, it’s a wonder we can operate our listing business with sanity.

It’s a miracle we do what we have to do to be Agents Unleashed.


One of the greatest most important brain hacks we can concentrate on is super simple and super difficult at the same time.

Our ability to focus.

Our ability to focus in our listing business is EVERYTHING.

As George Lucas said, “Always remember your focus determines your reality”.

And how do we focus in our business when there are 40 million bright shiny objects always distracting us?

It’s simple.  We need a tight schedule.

Having a schedule that you commit to you and that works for you is key in this business.

And the operative words there are “works for you”.

Figure out a way to do the things that you have to do to make your business a success.  You know what they are.

Prospecting, meeting with clients, showing property, writing contracts, signing listing agreements, working out, eating healthy, meditating, praying, etc.

These are the most important things in your business schedule.

NOTHING else matters in business, right?

Not doing files, admin work, doing inspections, yapping with agents in your office, NOTHING.

So have a daily schedule that works for you, that can keep you on track during your days.  And here is the key.  Then stick to that schedule!

If you want to see my schedule, hit me up here.

Sticking to your schedule during the day is the key to being an Agent Unleashed.

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