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Brain Hack #91 – This One Thing Will Bring It All Home For You

I was telling the members of the Collective last Sunday about what a crazy Sunday I had.  It included brunch with a past client, tea with a past client, a seller prospect conference call and a client meeting with someone who I have currently in escrow.  It was a crazy fun Sunday!

And through it all, I was reminded of the most important thing that is bringing me amazing business this quarter.


You hear me say that calling your SOI is the foundation of any listing business.

Well, gratitude is the foundation of making stuff happen in your life.  Whether it’s more listings, more love, more peace, more joy, being grateful is the first thing to attract all the rest.

It’s super important to establish a gratitude practice during your day.

You can journal about what you’re grateful for.

You can meditate on it.

You can set gratitude alarms that go off on your phone throughout the day.

There are all different ways to express your gratitude.

And I truly believe that when you’re grateful each and every day for what you have in you life, more is brought into your life.

When you have goals and dreams, for more listings, for more love, for more joy, more time with your loved ones, being grateful is what is going to bring those things to you.

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