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Brain Hack #91 – Use This Tip For Luxury Listings

Was just on a luxury symposium Zoom call about how to attract luxury listings in your area which was very interesting.  It’s amazing and eye-opening how the luxury buyer and seller think.  I just find it so fascinating.

And just read last week that this watch is the most expensive in the world right here.  Who would pay over $30,000,000 for a watch?

But to me, the greatest luxury and greatest brain hack is to take time for yourself.

Not the kids, not your partner/husband/wife, not your business or your friends.

Just you.

Sitting in a park.  Taking a walk.  Meditating.  Working out.  You get the idea.

I love walks and meditating and of course, swimming (if I can ever get back in a pool).  All of these things allow me to think.  To explore.  To analyze.  To hope.  To believe.  To create.

This, in my book, is the greatest thing one can do for themselves. 

It’s how I come up with new ideas to get listings.  New ways to live.  To dream.  To make a better life for me.

Do you want more listings?  More gross commission income?  More time off to spend with your loved ones?

Take time for yourself every day, every week.  Even if it’s just 5 minutes.

It’s a luxury you can’t live without.

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