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Brain Hack #93: This Is Your Only Job In Life As A Listing Agent

Getting ready for our call this Collective call this morning and wondering how this weekend went by so fast.  Got some bad news which was difficult to process and trying to find my way back to my happy place.

[News Flash: This topic is a little metaphysical]

This just reminds me of something my spiritual mentor, the lovely Ms. Sharon Gist, told me a long time ago and that is “our only job as humans is to find our joy”.

I have talked about this in the past, but it’s really so important for all of us.

You see, many people are looking to be happy.  To me, that is so fleeting and so nebulous.  What does that mean?

Joy is more everlasting and permanent and easily recognizable, you know the feeling of it.

“From a place of joy, one can do anything.”

And I truly believe that.  When I feel joy, I feel unstoppable.  I can do anything.

What brings me joy?  Making my listing clients’ dreams come true.  Helping my coaching clients achieve their goals.  Walking in nature.  Swimming.  Meditating.  Traveling.  Dancing. Telling jokes and being a goofy-ass person.  These all bring me joy.

What brings you joy?  Email me right here, would love to hear what brings you joy.

Our job as humans, I truly believe, is to be constantly looking and searching and being in a state of joy.

You want more listings?  You want to prospect more?  You want more commission income?  You want to lose weight? 

Get yourself into a state joy, whatever and however that looks for you.  And from that state, start making shit happen in your life.

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