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Break Out Your Inner STAR To Get Listings

I just got done being interviewed yesterday for a super fun real estate podcast out of Texas.  We were laughing and getting silly (my specialty) and putting out a lot of great information.

It got me thinking, this could be a great idea to get listings for all of us.

Be a guest on real estate podcasts.

For those of you that don’t know, podcasts are online interviews where the host interviews you about your market and your marketing.  They can be on video or just audio, but done from the comfort of your home using your computer.

And I just Google’ed real estate podcasts and there were over 4.2 million entries.

There are a shit-ton of podcasts.  I know, I have been on many of them as a guest.

And they are ALWAYS looking for guests to interview.

Being on a podcast lends you a certain air of credibility which you can then use to advertise to your SOI using social media and direct emails.

When people hear that you were a guest on a show, they immediately think there is something special about you. 

I know you are special, but we want everyone to know you’re special!

The questions they ask you are so simple, you can usually answer them off the top of your head.

And many of the times, the host will let you know the questions in advance.

So think of a superpower you have and market that to different podcasters.  I use the same information and send it out to many podcasts and usually get a response back that they want me on their show.  (if you want a copy of what I send out, hit me up here)

This is so easy to do and costs no money which you know I love.

Make it a goal to be on one podcast per month and let your peeps know you are an Unleashed listing STAR!

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