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Burning Listing Bridges Accomplishes Nothing

Hope you had a great weekend, we were busy taking our Brazilian niece who’s visiting from Northeastern Brazil around town shopping and seeing sites.  She left last night, so sad to see her go.  She was so amazed at all the bridges we have in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And speaking of bridges, I just learned an important lesson when trying to sell listings.

Don’t burn them.

I just signed some sellers in escrow which will close in the next week and one of them was a real douchebag.

You see, we listed a property about 3 months ago and the sellers were 2 brothers.  We marketed it and then received 8 offers.  And then in the middle of negotiations, the one brother just decided to NOT sell.  No reason.  He just wasn’t going to sell.

I begged him.  I threatened him for my commission.  He had no good reason why he wouldn’t do it.

But I didn’t write him off.  We took the property off the market and I stayed in touch with him even though he royally pissed me off. 

And low and behold, I got a call 2 months later that he changed his mind and decided now to sell.

You could have pushed me over with the proverbial feather.

So we ratified with a buyer and we’re closing soon.

Now some of you would have sued the sellers and burned your bridges with him.  I certainly wanted to do that initially.

But then I realized that I didn’t want to pursue that negative energy in my life.  I would rather spend positive energy pursuing new leads and listings.

And as it turned out, this guy did have a good reason for not initially selling and I ended up really liking this bloke.

So there are 2 sides to every story.  Try to be compassionate with your sellers because you never know, down the line, they could still turn into paying clients.

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