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Call These Bad Boys For Unexpected Listings

Just had a seller fire me.  Before we even went on the market.  We worked so hard to get it ready for sale and right before hitting the market, they decided not to sell.  Something changed in their lives and now they’re going to keep it. 

I cried for 5 minutes and then wished them the best. 

Stuff like this just reminds me how important it is to constantly be filling our pipeline with listings.

And one mistake I sometimes make is to not call old expireds and withdrawn listings.  They are just as fruitful as newly expired and withdrawn listings.

Sadly, sometimes I am too lazy or I forget to call the old ones.

Don’t make that mistake.

I just talked to an old expired that wants me to help him with his tenant and then list the property for sale.  And this is a $2.5 million house.

What I do is keep a file with the old expireds/withdrawns.  I put them in this file if I can’t reach them in 5-7 times or if they say they are not selling. And make notes about what they say (I have a super cool CRM that helps me with this entire process).

Then when you’re done with your new expireds/withdrawns, call this list occasionally.

Of course, I forget, but I am committed to call them on a more regular basis. 

And my script is the same for the old ones as well as the new ones.  I say, “When the hell are you going to sell?”  LOL!  Just kidding.

I say, “Hi, this is Chris Stafford with Compass Real Estate and I see your home is still off the market, when do you plan on putting it back on the market?”  If they say never, then call them in another 6 months.  If they say they are thinking about it, get the appointment.  Visit them even if they are unsure.

Depending on how many you have in your folder, you could hit these bad boys at least once a week, if not more often.

And it works!

So put on your big girl boots and make these calls.

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