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Can The High Road Get You More Listings?

I may be getting a $5 million listing from a seller I previously fired.

I honestly don’t know if I want it though. 

You see, I fired a seller a while back because he was a total pain in the ass.

I mean, this guy was just an awful human being and he caused us all a lot of grief.  He said some pretty nasty things to us and we did one thing which is always a good idea to do in the listing business.

Take the high road.

I told at the time that, “I can’t work with you.  I will not be treated the way you’re treating me.  I am sorry, but we have to part ways, I wish you the best.”

Months later, he still can’t sell his house.

And lo and behold, he calls me this week to ask me about another property I sold for him, sweet as pie.  This guy was very solicitous and charming.  Even told me what a super sweet guy I was.

I thought, who is this?!  He even gave me a lukewarm referral.

So we’ll see if I will work with him again.  I may not, I mean, he has shown me his true colors in the past.

The takeaway here is this. 

Don’t burn bridges.

Regardless of the situation, no matter how mean and stupid sellers can be, take the high road.  Decide if you can work with them.  If not, try to extricate yourself from the situation with your head high. 

I know this takes a lot of effort and energy.

Trust me though.  In the long run, you will feel better about yourself.

In the long run, you’ll thank yourself.

In the long run, you’ll feel better about yourself.

In the long run, who knows, you may just get another referral from them, you may get the listing back if you want it OR you may get a higher plane in heaven.

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