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What Does Cancer Have To Do With Getting Listings?

A number of people have asked me recently why I concentrate on getting listings in my business and in my Epic Listing Agent business.

It’s really, as many of you know, because my partner of 15 years was diagnosed with brain cancer about 6 years ago.

I spent one year in the hospital with him in a complete fog.  While he was unconscious for 3 weeks, through the kidney dialysis, through the brain surgery, the chemo and his ultimate recovery 12 months later.

Thank God I had a business partner who kept our real estate business together.

And as you can imagine, I came out a changed person.  Both business-wise and personally.

Getting back into the business, I decided to do my business in the most time efficient manner, doing it with less stress and achieving some sort of income consistency.  And concentrating on listings to me achieved all of these things.

Getting back into my personal life meant doing good.  Helping others.  I was the most blessed man on the planet to know my partner would get through this.  The outcome could have been a lot worse.  And he is now 6 years in remission.  Thank God!

So I decided to concentrate on my health and be the healthiest I could be to help do the one thing I think, after 25 years in the business, I know how to do.  Help listing agents get more listings to have more income consistency, take more time off and be less stressed out about the business.

And that is why I love helping agents through the Epic Listing Agent.  There is NOTHING more gratifying to me than talking to you, helping you and watching you get it.  To see you grow.  To see your success.

So that is my story.  Being as healthy as I can be, taking time off to be with my family and friends, helping other listing agents achieve success, this is what makes life awesome for me. 

Am I perfect?  Hell no!  I fall down in various areas like everyone does.  But I try my best.

So rock your listing business in the best way you can. 

Be the best person you can be.

Be the healthiest person you can be.

Be the one who spends a lot of time with your kids, your family and your friends.

Be an Epic Listing Agent.

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