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Change One Thing In 2018 That Will Rock Your World

OMG, I woke up this morning and realized that the holidays are upon us and 2018 is coming up soon!  How did this year go so fast?  How can it be 2018 already?  I was afraid this was going to happen….life is going by too fast!

And speaking of being afraid, why is it listing agents are so afraid to make calls to leads and their SOI?  Or to make changes in their business?

I mean I get it.  Been there.  Too fearful of rejection to pick up the phone and call your SOI, your leads from the open house or your past clients. 

I remember when I first started in real estate and was frozen in terror of my first week of making cold calls.  I just sat at the desk and stared at the phone willing it to dial itself.

But 2018 IS right here.  We HAVE to change what we are doing to achieve greater results.  Do you want more deals?  More money?  Or maybe you want the same amount of money, but then do it in a shorter amount of time?

You can do it if you change your habits and reject that fear.  Make those calls that you’re not making.  That phone will NOT call itself. 

Or maybe you need to start doing something else?

What one thing in 2018 can you do differently to get more listings?  Epic listing agents ask this all the time.

If you have been in the business as a listing agent longer than 3 years, you know what that one thing is.  You know what you can do to make the New Year better for you.

I really want you to succeed in this.  One of the things we talk about in the TP Blueprint course are the different ways to get listings and the actions you need to take to make magic happen.

Really do some soul searching.  For me, I have been thinking of seriously calling around listings and sales to get leads.  This is one way for me to do something different to increase my 2018 numbers.  I used to do this and for some reason stopped doing it.

What can you do? 

Don’t just come up with the same ‘ole business plan saying the same damn things. 

Mix it up.  Determine what’s working for you.  What’s not working? 

Come up with a 2018 plan that is going to excite you.

To energize you.

To make you proud.

To fire you up.

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