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Change This Up To Get New Listings

Are you killing it this week?  Going into the holiday weekend with some cool plans?

I’m really manifesting some great things in my life right now that I think are a direct result of  being focused and not having a scattered brain thinking of a million things at once (that’s another topic, maybe later).  

One of the things I think is important is out ability to pivot in our Agent Unleashed marketing.

I have spoken in the past about pivoting in our marketing and have another idea for you.

Find other ways to get in touch with your SOI, expireds, FSBOs and get creative doing it.

Some people you can’t just seem to reach.

And some of these people, you probably know who, are important to reach.

I had one such past client.  

I literally sold him a $4 million property in San Francisco 7 years ago and he has never returned any of my calls, emails, notes, etc.

And I heard from a friend of a friend, that he got a divorce and was hating being in his place because it reminded him of his ex-wife.  (I can relate, been there, done that).

So I had my business partner Terry start dropping off funny notes at his front door a few times over the course of a month.  Didn’t go out of his way, just when he was in the neighborhood.

And low and behold, I got a call, FINALLY, yesterday and he wants to sell.

I have a Zoom call with him on Wednesday.  This, after not seeing him for 10 years.

After getting creative about reaching him.

After not getting discouraged about not being able to reach him.

After a pivot in my approach.

So get creative in your marketing approach.

What can you do differently?

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