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Change This Up To Get New Listings!

Hope you had a great weekend!  We had a super chill weekend, working out, meditating, walking outdoors and trying to be centered.  We’re gearing up for a busy next few weeks with two sets of houseguests and then traveling back to San Francisco to meet with clients.

And I had a fun conversation with one of our Agent Unleashed Collective members about how to make prospecting interesting.

One idea is to change it up.  

If you’re really good at doing your sphere of influence (SOI) or calling expireds or calling around listings and sales, you don’t ONLY have to do that one thing every day.

This is why I always say to have at least 3 prospecting methods in play at all times.

If you’re calling expireds or FSBOs all the time, you’re going to get bored doing it.  Especially if you’re like me who probably has ADD.

So if you’re in a rut calling around listings and sales, change it up.  Call expireds.  Call your SOI (which you should be doing everyday anyway).  Go door knocking.

You get the drift.  Change it up every week so it always seems fresh and new.  

And if you’re a good boy or girl and have really rocked it all week, take Fridays off occasionally.  Go take a long hike or hang out with your spouse or friends.

You can make prospecting fun by doing it differently each day.  

Because you are Unleashed!

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