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Change Those Nasty Habits Now for More Listings!

Had a great trip to Chicago yesterday networking with some of the top marketing agents in the country.  Unbelievable ideas were exchanged, learned many new techniques in how to find more listings and made some amazing friendships and connections.

And one of the things we all agreed on and talked a lot about was the inability to focus on goals.

In Epic listing “speak,” it means not being focused on what you need to do to get new listings.

Our habits are everything, not only in our life, but especially our listing business.

I thought this was a great piece from the publication, INC. on bad habits which can prevent us from getting the listings we want and improving your focus and neurological health.

1: Not Getting Enough Water.
Dehydration is a leading cause of poor focus. It causes low energy, headaches, hormonal imbalance, and fatigue. We need to drink 50-75% of our body weight in ounces depending on our climate (humid or dry) and our activity level.

2: Not Getting Enough Sleep.
Our ability to focus and recall information is directly related to the quality of our sleep. Without proper brain recovery time, we won’t be able to hold our attention for long periods of time.

3: Overloading on Sugar and Carbohydrates.
Our brains become addicted to sugary and processed foods. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that produces a rush of endorphins which makes us temporarily feel good, and then we crash. We end up on a roller coaster of sugar-induced highs and lows, which causes us to stop what we are doing to seek out more sugar.

4: Becoming a Slave to Social Media.
Social media is now proven to be linked to depression.  One of the reasons is the
need to manage multiple platforms becomes overwhelming, and people report feeling out of control.  There are now social media detox and addiction programs popping up everywhere because of the negative impact social media is having on health.

5: Multitasking
Multitasking literally splits the brain into as many tasks you are trying to simultaneously complete. Studies prove that those who report spending more hours concurrently consuming multiple forms of media (frequent “media multitaskers”) perform worse on tests that assess their ability to switch from one task to the next.

So bottom line?

Be conscious of these things when you’re finding listings, doing your marketing and working your business.

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