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Delegate Like a MOFO!

Having a lot of fun with my parents, doing chores for them around the house, cooking meals for them, going through things with them, really bonding with them which is cool.

And they wanted me to clean their windows for them inside and out.  I said for sure, I would do it for them and everyone was super impressed with me.  Until the window cleaning company showed up, which I paid for, and did all the work.  Did they really think I would do all that work?  Ha!

And one of the things I always talk about is finding other people to do your work for you as an Epic listing agent.

As you can see from above, one of my specialties is getting others to do my work for me especially if it’s work that I don’t like doing.

And in my listing business, I don’t like doing many things.

Especially things that DO NOT make me money.

This includes preparing files, doing admin work, doing inspections, showing buyers property, etc.

I would prefer to do things that directly make me money like negotiating, signing contracts, prospecting for listings, going on listing presentations, etc.

Everything else, delegate it to someone else.

Epic listing agents don’t do bullshit tasks.

I have used assistants, virtual assistants in other towns, college kids from Craigslist and friends that need some extra money to do a lot of tasks for me that I don’t like, am not good at or having them doing it is a better use of my time.

I remember listening to a rapper who is worth millions of dollars say that the key to his business is to “delegate like a MOFO”.  That pretty much sums it up.

Concentrate your time during the day doing money making tasks and you will see your business grow exponentially!

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