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Did Your Ex Vomit On Your Listing Website?

Just arrived in San Francisco yesterday to meet with my business partner and my clients.  Another jammed-packed schedule of meetings, lunches, dinners, coffees, etc.  I love it!

I reviewed the website of one of our Collective members and I was so perplexed.

There was so much info on the site with so many words and pictures that I was overwhelmed.

If you want to attract sellers and get listings, trust me, people do NOT like complicated websites.  What’s the stat?  You have something like 5 seconds to get their attention?

So make it easy for them.

What is the purpose of a website? It’s to attract sellers.  Period.

It’s a glorified business card is all.

So keep it clean.  Keep it simple.  Keep it uncluttered.  And have a simple call to action on it where a seller can reach you and get something from you for FREE.

And most likely that will be a FREE comparative market analysis on their home OR any cool free gift you can send them. 

The whole point is to attract sellers, get their name and email and then follow up with them and sign the listing.  DONE!

That’s it!  If you have comps for the last 15 years on your site, referral sources to the best restaurants in town, the best things to do in your town, your Mother’s best recipes, etc, no one gives a rat’s ass and you will lose people.  

So, take a hard look at your site and streamline it, make it simple, make it attractive to get their information with your free offer AND then make sure you follow up with your leads.

You will thank yourself, your leads will thank you and your Ex will thank you (ok, that last one is a bit random, but so am I).  

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