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Discipline Yourself Into Tons Of New Listings

I hope you had a great weekend!  A friend made us homemade seafood gumbo which was super yummy and something we never eat.  Seafood gumbo, rice, black beans and homemade yummy cornbread…what a great southern meal!  Did I tell you I like food?  🙂

Another thing I like is getting listings unexpectedly and having them fall into your lap.  And there is one word that is the foundation for getting all your goals, including listings, to fall into your lap.


And I saw a cool 15 minute video that talks about this, a video all Unleashed listing agents need to watch.  Check it out RIGHT HERE.

Don’t want to watch the video?  Then discipline these areas of your life:

– Discipline your thoughts

​ – Discipline your mornings

​ – Discipline your friendships

​ – Discipline your environment

​ – Discipline your goals

​ – Discipline what you consume

​ – Discipline your desires

​ – Discipline your addictions

​ – Discipline your body

​ – Discipline your progress & growth

​ – Discipline the way people perceive you

​ – Discipline your impact

​ – Discipline your inner happiness

​ – Discipline your sleep

​ – Discipline yourself

And for those who watched the video, one of the most IMPORTANT things for all of us to do is to discipline our EGO (watch it at the 13.25 minute of the vid).  So powerful!

Now you know how to get more listings!

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