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Discover A New Way To Get Listings For Free

Just came back from Panama last night and a little sad.  We miss the 85-degree weather!

What does warm the cockles of my heart though (what in the hell are cockles anyway?) are great free ways to get new listings.  And there is no better way to get listings than to do one thing.

Identify and find certain audiences on LinkedIn and work them!

In another industry, a good friend of mine explained how she is getting leads using LinkedIn and it works like this.

Have a killer bio in LinkedIn.  Identify an audience you want to target.  Message those peeps and followup with them. BAM!

I have started using this strategy for our Collective and it’s very interesting.

You have tens of thousands of people you can reach out to and you can reach out to them for free.

Say you have high tech companies working in your marketplace or natural gas companies in your town.  Do a search for everyone in that industry and send them all messages about how you are a star realtor in the area specializing in helping sellers.

And then followup with them when they respond to you.  Continue to send them messages.  Answer them timely.

I could see having someone on your team doing this work because a lot of this is repetitive.

And the ones that are interested, you can put them in your SOI and followup with them like banshees, just like the Unleashed Agent you are!

This could be an entirely whole new universe of sellers you could get for free.  And who doesn’t like that?

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